Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New adventure

It's been around 2 weeks plus that we've been staying at our new home. To have your own home again, after 16 months, is quite liberating :) .I can finally take out all my stuff out from storage and put them on display, I can finally cook my own meals, and i can be a sloth! Not that I cannot be a sloth in at my in-laws but you know lah rite, not so nice kan :)

Our schedules have also changed. Before, when we were still staying with the in-laws, we will just hand over Peanut to my MIL before getting out of the house at 7am for work, but now, yours truly needs to wake up at 5:45am to get ready for work, just so that we can leave the house by 640am. We will then deposit Peanut at my in-laws' place before heading to work. Their house is ngam ngam 10 minutes away (i timed it every morning). After work, DH and me will return to the in-laws for dinner, and then we'll bring Peanut to our own place after that. And we will usually reach home around 9pm. Phew! It sounds tiring physically but surprisingly, we're adjusting pretty well. Before, I thought i wouldn't be able to get used to the new punishing schedule.

i have to drag a sleepy Peanut out of the bed early though, but so far she doesn't seems to mind, as there is no cranky episodes. Yet. She will usually go back to sleep again once she reaches her Toto's (that's how she calls her Popo) house.

So, life is so busy that we still haven't find the time to shop for our ground floor toilet door and replace the current bathroom doors. Yes, you can't pee in our toilet at the moment cos there's no door. We still need the painter to come and touch up the walls. We still need to fix timers for our porch lights. Minor stuff, but we still got to find time to to do it.

And that's life up to now :)

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